A timecapsule


What if someone asked you to recall every place you’ve been in the last 10 years?

That’s something I was tasked with recently. And to be honest, I really couldn’t remember.


An ordinary evening in Lima. The view from the family apartment.

Not because the moments or places were not memorable. In the present moment I always think, how could I possibly forget this experience?

But then, time creeps up, and suddenly you can’t work out what memory belongs to which place.

Sometimes it’s just a small moment that falls out of memory. Like someone you met, the place you slept, or the delicious dinner you had. But when you do recall, it brings a flood of feeling for that moment, in that time.

I want to remember better. But I suck at keeping travel diaries. I do enjoy taking photos, they help me record adventures. But they don’t always capture these small, or every day moments, or even the feeling.

This particular trip is incredibly close to my heart. Mao and I have dreamed of it for so long. We want to capture and share our memories. Even the every day ones. The little, and the big, and everything in between moments.

So we can remember what we were up to in 10 years time. And be flooded with the feelings of the moment.

A timecapsule of sorts.


Strolling in the afternoon with good company, watching Lima go by.